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The Worst Song: A Treble Podcast

Dec 12, 2018

It's that time of year again: the time when music websites everywhere publish their lists of the best songs and albums of the year. But what was the worst thing co-hosts Jeff Terich and Candice Eley heard in 2018? What's worse, pop country or sad rap? And why are soundtracks to musicals so popular? The world may never...

Aug 27, 2018

We've all got one: a song that everyone else seems to love that you just can't stand. Co-hosts Candice Eley and Jeff Terich discuss the hang ups they have with Bruce Springsteen and the Violent Femmes. Plus, Nashville metal band Howling Giant joins the podcast to talk about the song they never want to hear again.

Jul 26, 2018

Every summer season has one: that mega hit that you can't escape. Co-hosts Candice Eley and Jeff Terich sift through the jams that probably won't be making it to your summer BBQ playlist.

Apr 9, 2018

Tonight, on a very special episode of The Worst Song, co-hosts Candice Eley and Jeff Terich tackle the tough when bands try to address serious life issues in very silly songs.

From Van Halen to Suzanne Vega, many artists have used their music to discuss serious issues. They didn't all succeed.

Mar 6, 2018

The 80s gave us lots of great music...and lots of really, really awful songs, too.

Treble Editor-in-Chief Jeff Terich and co-host Candice Eley are joined by writer and co-founder of the Black Candies literary journal, Ryan Bradford, to discuss the worst songs of the 80s and discover that even some of our favorite bands...